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Day 177 – Young and Professional

Today’s onedaydress look: Stellino Floral print dress, Pierre Fontaine red heels, Gold bangle

I was speaking to a friend recently about how in the 3 years I’ve been out here, aside from the races (which doesn’t really require formal wear) a wedding and one fundraiser ball, there has been no occasion for me to wear “formal” attire. In fact I left a collection of them in Sydney for my sisters.

Tonight I attended a Young Professionals event. I have said many times that the locals here are not the most receptive when it comes to meeting new people. Many of the attendees at the event were out of towners who have moved here for work. It was a really cool bunch of people from a totally diverse range of professions. The event was supposed to last from 6-8 and A’s parents are here, so our intention was to meet them at 7:30 for dinner. A few glasses of wine and hours later we rocked up at home closer to 10.

I thrive in networking situations so when I wasn’t sitting on the couch calling over random people for chats, I dragged my friends around the room to introduce ourselves. It was awesome. We have a few ideas for some events for 2013 and I cannot wait for a new project to keep me busy in a blog-less future! Maybe I’ll have to get my dresses shipped out here after all!

K xx



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