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Day 180 – it’s the weekend again!!!

Today’s onedaydress look: Alannah Hill cami, Show Pony blazer, Staple mesh back mini skirt, Upstage heels

Fun story for your Friday afternoon entertainment 🙂

As i was getting into my car in town this afternoon, a scraggy looking man approached me “scuse me love” he slurred “can i bother you?”
Kate: yeh probably
Man: My wife just had a baby and i need $3 to get the bus home
Kate: If you can’t afford the $3 to get home, how do you possibly hope to provide for a child?
Man walks away screaming at me what a bitch i am…yeh I’M The bitch in the situation…

My mum emails me in reponse to this: Kate, you never know who is carrying a concealed weapon. I do worry about you, you know.

Ready for Friday night. Heading out – have a great weekend everyone

K xx



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