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Day 181 – just not up to it

Today’s onedaydress look: Sportsgirl tee, Betty Basics skirt, Witchery flats, Sportsgirl pearl/flower necklace, pearl earrings from China

I had a friend here over the weekend. That, and on Friday night I went to TGIF drinks with the Young Professional group. So I have been talking to lots of people over the weekend about this blog, and how it is coming to an end – sad, sad times.

Lots of people asked me if, at this point of the year, I am over it. Over the choosing of what to wear, over dressing up every day, over the obligation to write a post every night. The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT to all of the above.

There are days in every girls’ life, they come around about once a month actually, where she can’t be bothered with much of anything. I want to wear comfy clothes, that don’t constrict my tummy too much because, believe me there is already enough pain in that area.

Yesterday I went to the zoo and was doing handstands. I pulled something just south of my inner thigh and get shooting pains down my leg with every step that I take. The thought of wearing heels today was painful enough.

I feel like I’m a little bit in the wars and dressing up pretty was the only thing that pulled me out of that funk.

K xx



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