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Day 188 – What’s in a name?

Day 188Today’s onedaydress look: Kuto double weave cotton dress, blue ring from Melbourne, Necklace from Demonair Designs @ Sydney Style Markets, SM New York sandals

People are very judgemental by nature. Before you start speaking, they have looked you up and down and come to conclusions about you by what you are wearing and how you have done (or not done) your hair.

Imagine after all this, introducing yourself and your name is # (Hashtag). That was a news item this morning – hilarious but is it really newsworthy? Meanwhile, what kind of parent would do that to their child? Recently I was with a few friends and we were discussing odd children’s names. My favourite is Na-a (NaDASHa)…really?

In another funny story a case worker went to check on their client, she knocks on the door and  asks for Yvonne (Eevon). The mother yells at the case worker about beaurocratic folk who have no idea when it comes to their clients etc…the child’s name was (WHY-vonee). Again really…?

K xx



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