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Day 190 – Power and a great rack

Day 190Today’s onedaydress look: Myer black tee, Stellino “Do the split” pants, Steve Madden Cognac flats, Scarf stolen from Mum years and years ago!

Today I have 2 stories for you. The first is related to the power of advertising. For those of you who have been hiding under a rock, Volkswagen has been running a campaign with a simple tagline: Das Auto (The Car). In one of my year 7 classes today, we were playing Language Perfect (a fantastic online language/vocabulary resource that all language teachers should invest in). I normally have a list of vocab for my students to learn or practice, however, we have finished our yearly exams and have no more content to learn. I started the lesson by asking the kidlets, if they had a choice of any language to study this year what would they have chosen. Got all kinds of random answers, from Spanish to Fijian, from Indonesian to Russian to German. So today I allowed them to play any list in any language on the site. One of the girls was playing in German. I watched her interested in the word associations she was using to remember this previously unseen vocabulary. She got to the words “Das Auto” and typed “Volkswagen” … “Signorina, why isn’t this working??? I typed Volkswagen – isn’t that what das auto means?” What a great campaign…VW should give their marketing department a raise.

Story 2: I went to the Stellino stall at Glebe markets the other day. I saw a really funky pair of pants (the ones I wore today) but we were kind of rushing so I grabbed my size off the rack and handed over the plastic without trying them on. Putting them on this morning, I noticed that there was no side seam………..I thought it would be ok, because there was an overlap of material. How wrong I was!!! By the time I got to school, I realised that with a gentle wind my entire leg would be flashed, and that is not really appropriate! Thank goodness for safety pins which saved me from public humiliation and exposure. Even though I tacked the sides together, I still got laughed at on lunch duty, when a gust of wind blew through the gaps in the sides filling the cavities and ballooning the pants. Lesson learnt – will try before I buy.

What a day. There are a few things to be excited for today:
2 days of relax with mates in 40+ degree heat
10 days til school (and sadly the blog) ends
25 days til my birthday (and Christmas)
32 days til we jump on a plane to Italy

K xx



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