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Day 167 – sick day

the frankencold has taken over. cold sweats NO energy K xx Advertisements

Day 133 – learn to drive

Today’s onedaydress look: Steve Madden Moto boots, Supre leggings, jumper from Glebe markets, scarf from Bologna markets I am an aggressive driver. I was on my L’s (or learner’s permit) for 8 years before I progressed. I lived in an area with 2 buslines and a train line in Sydney – it made life very … Continue reading

Day 117 – Sick and tired

Today’s onedaydress look: D&G Miso Hot pjs (as in David & Goliath not Dolce & Gabbana) and Parklife hoodie Couch day. Throat so so sore. Could barely talk this morning!! Less fun things than being this ill include sitting on a cactus and being buried alive. K xx 

Anzac Day

Day 3 – Welcome back kidlets

Today the students came to school. Year 7, 11 and 12 started first and tomorrow the rest start up. It’s 28 degrees Celcius and incredibly muggy.  If it was a nice sunny day, I wouldn’t whinge but again today it is overcast and gross! After a morning of orientation and helping the year 7s settle … Continue reading

Oneday project

I always admired with dreamy eyes, the collection of dresses housed in my friend Amy’s wardrobe. She is an executive assistant to a few high powered so and sos and needs to dress appropriately. Did that explain the 600 dresses that she moved into the wardrobe she now shared with her fiance? When I first … Continue reading

Oneday style

In Italian, fare la bella figura, refers to a person’s approach to everyday. It encompasses all aspects of life from what you wear, to the ‘self’ that you present to the world, the choices you make, etiquette, and what you wear. For me, clothes have always been about expression. I dress the way I feel. … Continue reading

Oneday History

Moving from Sydney to a small country town 5 hours away imposes some limitations. 1. No beach – wait, sorry, there IS Sandy Beach (neither “sandy” nor a “beach”) 2. Extreme heat and cold 3. Severe lack of culture 4. No decent shopping. Let us focus on number 4. Living in the city you take … Continue reading

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