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Day 135 – the dress up box

Today’s onedaydress look: Nasty Gal black drape dress, Nasty Gal Miami vice blazer, Forever New stockings, Bardot Egyptian print scarf I’ve always loved a good dress up party. Tonight at the trivia night, guests are encouraged to dress as “Italian”, a very loose term with many many interpretations. I’m going big hair, big gold hoop … Continue reading

Day 134 – yellow fever

Today’s onedaydress look: Stellino dress, Glassons navy cardi, Forever New stockings, Steve Madden tan flats, Earrings from Lismore One thing i haven’t mentioned this August, which I would just like to highlight for those of you who live in urban and cement rich societies. As August approached in my first year of country life, A … Continue reading

Day 132 – did you really?

Today’s onedaydress look: Steve Madden Cablee boots, Forever New stockings, Mink Pink bodycon dress, Prettybird jacket, Nasty Gal fuzzy wuzzy scarf I know I have mentioned it before, but getting coffee over the last two days, I need 2 people’s hands to count the number of bogans I saw at the shops in pyjamas, dressing … Continue reading

Day 131 – Week 7

Today’s onedaydress look: Black Kingdom flats, Forever New stockings, I like wolves purple dress, Sisley leather jacket, grey scarf I apologise in advance, this Friday we are having a fundraiser trivia night for our Italian tour in January. My full attention will be on planning/organising the event (and some school work) so my posts this … Continue reading

Day 130 – the Friday glitch

Today’s onedaydress look: Kuto jacket, Glassons dress, Forever New stockings, Steve Madden boots Today has been one of the most horrible days ever!! My year 12 students have their HSC (matriculation) speaking exam tomorrow. Basically, an external examiner will come to our school *yes on a Saturday* and run a 5 minute conversation in Italian … Continue reading

Day 129 – the Thursday shvitz

Today’s onedaydress look: Steve Madden Kingdom flats, Zara boyfriend jeans, Glassons red/white top, Nasty Gal ruched chambray blazer Spoiler alert: this is not a fashion related story. It is however related to my mobile phone service provider and everyone likes to shake their head at their silliness once in a while. I am with Optus … Continue reading

Day 128 – The Wednesday bitch

Today’s onedaydress look: Glassons palazzo pants, Glassons white 3/4 sleeve top, Kuto grey jacket, Steve Madden grey shooties In recent times I have been looking for 2 simple additions to my wardrobe. A pair of grey straight leg, tailored pants for work, and an electric blue blazer. Should be easy, right? Oh my friend you … Continue reading

Day 127 – The Tuesday stich

Today’s onedaydress look: hot water bottle and pjs Sick Day K xx

Day 126 – the Monday itch

Today’s onedaydress look: Bardot floral print dress, Myer long sleeved top, Forever New stockings, Glassons cardi, tan scarf from Bologna markets Dreaming of Friday 🙂 K xx

Day 125 – a loooooong weekend ahead

Today’s onedaydress look: Steve Madden boots, Forever New stockings, H&M skirt, H&M orange top, black scarf from Bologna markets, Sisley leather jacket Sorry guys this is just a short one, have so much marking to look forward to over the weekend (Year 12 trials/Year 11 listening and writing tasks/100 Year 7 writing and speaking tasks) … Continue reading

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