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Day 194 – Shaping up

Day 194Today’s onedaydress look: Cameo Motomouth dress in mint, ErstWilder resin zebra necklace, Zara brown satin wedges

Buying clothes that fit your shape makes you feel good and look good. Many people don’t like the body (or aspects of the body) that they have and so purchase clothes to hide it. Me – its always been my thighs that I have hated. I love my back, shoulders and calves. Now, I have alluded to it a couple of times in earlier posts, a few years ago I lost a significant amount of weight and I ended up almost half the size I used to be. As a size 16, I still loved my back, shoulders and calves and hated my thighs – I think the sentiments run pretty deep.

I wore clothes that weren’t clingy (not just in the wrong places, but in any places) and I always wore long tank tops which I felt adequately covered up my rolly belly. At the beach I would cover up until the moment I lay down on the sand. I have a frowny face belly button and if I removed my top any earlier that the point of lying down, I would feel inadequate and fat next to all the tiny girls frolicking in string bikinis.

fit well...NOTPoint is, when I see larger girls dressed in next to nothing – in images and real life I have a mixed reaction. Part of me is happy for them that they have the confidence to wear clothes like that. The other part of me cringes and wants to cover up for them. I think the worst part is that the cringing is becoming more and more frequent as our nation, and indeed world, belly flops into the obesity pool.

K xx

PS – don’t forget the Onedaydress Facebook sale Friday at 3pm. Find link to sale on Day 195



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